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  • Sep 25

    Created an event Dog serving contest

    Christa Huwe

  • May 01

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    Linda Jac

  • Jul 31

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    Thanks to All Members! You told us how much you liked the bottle you bought and how well your game improved because you were able to make a better Golf Swing without Sweaty Hands. read more: http://www.NoSweatGolf.com

    Joe Watson

Member Chatter

  • Golf joke of the day:

    Two women were paired together as partners in a club tournament and met on the putting green for the first time.
    After introductions, the first golfer asked, “What’s your handicap?”
    “Oh, I’m a scratch golfer,” the other replied.
    “Really!” exclaimed the first woman, suitably impressed that she was paired up with her.
    “Yes, I write down all my good scores and scratch out the bad ones!”

    Lol...I think I know some people like this!

    Emily Henderlong
  • hi

    anthony mes
  • Par 3 madness..

    Justin Bolton

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